The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia CUT, condemns the announcement of the British government on the legislation of new anti-strike laws, which introduce restrictions.

The UK government is trying to get Parliament to rush through measures to severely limit the right to strike in various sectors.

The British TUC is campaigning to prevent the «Strikes (Minimum Service Standards) Bill» from becoming law.

Among other things, the law places restrictions on workers in transportation, education, health, fire, and nuclear power plant decommissioning, which could make strikes illegal, giving employers the ability to fire employees and sue the unions.

On February 1, the TUC will hold a day of action to protect the right to strike.

That same day, several hundred thousand workers from sectors such as the public service (PCS), education (NEU and UCU) and transport (RMT and ASLEF) will go on strike in the framework of their labor disputes over wages, positions work and working conditions.

The CUT supports all actions aimed at protecting the rights of workers.

Bogota DC, Colombia.

January 25, 2023

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